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Call at (925) 308-5050 any day of the week, any time – we are 24/7 Towing Service in Contra Costa County.

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Many car manufactures recommend flatbed transportation for their vehicles.
Our flatbed tow truck provides a safer and more secured towing for your vehicle.

Flatbed tow trucks acquire their name from their bed’s flat appearance,
making them the favorable choice for a safe and secure tow.

Flatbeds are able to provide extreme accident recovery and vehicle
transportation when necessary.

The long truck beds provide the space that is needed to efficiently
tow multiple vehicles simultaneously in instances where multiple
cars breakdown, or two or more vehicle accidents are present
—leading to an exceedingly cost-efficient towing approach.

AutoFox Towing, our platform trucks are key to help us provide
a quality service that meets and exceeds customer expectations.

Our specially designed and low profile flatbed trucks with a loading angle,
we can offer the best towing services for heavier, longer or lower vehicles.

Our extensive knowledge of vehicles, combined with our gentle driving style,
has allowed our customers to feel satisfied to trust their vehicles,
as we choose the fastest routes that allow us to be efficient with our services.
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Our helpdesk is so easy to request that you can only call and in a few minutes.
Highly trained staff with the kindness that characterizes us, within the services we offer are:

Jump Start

Do you need a quick jump start to revive a dead battery?
You can depend on the reliable roadside crew of AutoFox.

Tire Change

You’ve got a flat tire and need a tire change.
Our qualified technicians can change your
tire and get you back on the road quickly.

Vehicle Lockout

Car lockouts can happen to anyone, at any time of the day or night.
Our car unlock service is ready to get you back
inside your car in no time- Call us today!

Fuel Services

If you run out of fuel,
we’ll bring you enough to get you to the nearest gas station.
If you need diesel fuel, please let us know when you call.
Diesel may not be available in all locations.


AutoFox Towing offers trusted and reliable luxury, classic and exotic car towing.
Our technicians are trained to keep your vehicle safe
during the entire transportation process.

They will protect your vehicle when putting it onto the flatbed.
Our technicians will always take the safest route.

We’ll do our best to make sure that we steer clear of potential
hazards that could damage your automobile. Your luxury car is safe with us!


Your car just broke down and you need a tow truck.
Top Rated Towing Service in
Contra Costa County is just a phone call away.

Our prompt and punctual technician will load,
hook your car and tow it to repair shop,
car dealer or to your residence.

Your vehicle is well cared for and protected during local towing,
car lockout service, flat tire change or battery jump start.

Call AutoFox Towing at (925) 308-5050 any day of the week,
any time – we are 24/7 Towing Service in Contra Costa County.